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De vakantie van Uw leven wacht op U !

Total Satisfaction was created to provide adult escorted Caribbean holiday packages catering for open minded singles and couples who are looking for sexually active holiday ideas. We provide an unbelievable trip, to an exotic Private Caribbean Island resort with a full time escort for the duration of the stay.

We are not associated with any other companies. The resort is owned outright by ourselves. We don't put guests in family hotels, you are accomodated at our private resort.

We are not a third party, taking bookings and then sending out clients irrespective of the circumstances.

We do not promise you VIP treatment at Casinos and night clubs, because in reality this does not happen. We do not offer each guest a new chauffer driven car or jeep at their disposal as in reality this would be impossible.

We have no hidden agenda. It is very easy for us to promise you so much yet deliver so little, but that is not how we operate our business. We offer an all inclusive package which includes your luxury accomodation, all your meals and drinks and of course your lovely companion. There are no extra charges involved.

We pride ourselves on the fact that 80% of our customers return within 12 months. This can only be because they enjoyed there last vacation with us. All the girls are stunning and will give you a true girl friend experience. We will not tolerate drugs or abuse of the girls. We endeavour to ensure that you enjoy your stay with us and feel certain that you will join our list of returning clients within 12 months of your visit.

80% of our guests return within 12 months.

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hoe kom ik waar???
Totale prijs
Totale prijs
hoe kom ik waar???
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Ik hoor dat het te duur is
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